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The Sunset Crew has been supplying SF dispensaries with indoor nugs and a variety of manufactured products for years.

Now we are the first & most cutting edge Social Equity Manufacturing facility 

in The City!

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What started as a way to process our superb trim has grown into a robust catalog of products, formulations, and collaborations with non-cannabis and cannabis brands alike. From blowing crumble back in the day to formulating drinks in 2014, we've brought you the dankest nugs like Lamb's Breath and Lemon Garlic "since before we could tell".

The Sunset Crew is all about fair value for high potency products. Dank weed for and available only in



The goods


Made with pride and love in SF is our motto and artesian cannabis is our passion. We have been cultivating indoor flowers for you in the city since before we could tellWe are the first Social Equity manufacturing facility in SF and we’re 100% owned and operated by the applicant.

We have a deep love for the plant that we know is shared by our fellow stoners. Our formulations are made from dank ass norcal nugs and our infusion methods are Highly Scientific.


We are a local operator and not corporate cannabis. The iconic MUNI ticket embodies a local brand that is committed to staying true to the city it represents. We know as well as anyone that life in SF can be unpredictable and challenging and our fellow San Franciscans need a top-quality product that they can rely on at a fair price.

Thanks for your support and follow us on Instagram! @sunsetconnect

Look for our iconic MUNI tickets at your favorite dispensary in THE CITY.



Full Flower Preroll

Sunset Connect is from smokers for smokers - everything we roll up is something we'd smoke ourselves. We bring you the Cali dankness from Mixed Light Jungle Cake straight out of the Emerald Triangle to Garlic Grove, Heatwave, and Dosipie grown right here in THE CITY.

Our prerolls come in a variety of strains and styles. Some are infused with our handmade solvent-free extractions for an extra kick and good value!

Dank Ass Hash

From growers for smokers. 

Hash is a passion of ours as it is deeply rooted in our culture as cultivators. We use a variety of tools, methods, and techniques to make some of the dankest, most honest traditional hashish available in SF. 

We smoke and blend and blend and smoke all day right here in The City! 


How We Roll

Grower's pride. While building out our new cutting edge Indoor Grow in SF, we've been collaborating with Humboldt Growers to hunt the finest strains that are responsibly and organically farmed. Our extractions are solvent-free, and we care deeply about the cannabis plant and retaining its properties for all of our pleasure.

We love weed and it has been at the epicenter of our lives going all the way back to Ali's arrest in 1999. Sunset Connect is 100% Social Equity Owned and Operated!

Flowers - Edibles - Topicals


Jungle Cake

Humboldt Grown

Jungle Cake by Seed Junky Genetics is a cross between White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake. It's a hybrid strain with a pleasant but powerful high. It's got that familiar kush aroma with hints of marshmallow, diesel, and earth. The sweet yet pungent scents will have you spinning. We consider it an all-day smoke for the expert user, but novices should probably not make any plans for the day if you spark one of these at 8 am. 


High Potency Pain Relief

500mg of cannabinoids

HIGH POTENCY are the key words. Loaded with 450-500mg of cannabinoids, our fast-acting pain relief gel will have you moving again in no time. The base formula consists of organic Aloe Vera, Arnica, Menthol Crystals, and Meadowfoam Seed Oil ensuring fast absorption and targeted pain relief without the inconvenience of a lipid-based solution. Use generously and often for maximum efficacy.


Sunset Sour Gummies

Delicious & Discreet

We diligently sampled hundreds of cannabis-infused gummies from across the state. We present to you the winner of our search for the perfect edible. Scientifically dosed at 10mg of THC per piece for consistency, experience, and taste. 

100% Vegan

Manufacturing & Processing

White Labeling + Distribution

Serving as a manufacturing partner to local brands and Multi-State-Operators makes this facility one of a kind in SF. The prohibitive cost of construction in SF and lengthy permitting procedures position Kiffen as the only facility offering contract manufacturing with a massive catalog of IP, patents, and formulations for any delivery mechanism. Liquid solutions, topicals, edibles, and inhalables. These products represent a small fraction of our capabilities and expertise. 

The cannabis industry is experiencing severe lag times between manufacturing, testing and distribution. These lags are proving to be significant hurdles in getting products on shelves. Long-standing relationships with our fellow indoor and outdoor cultivators enable us to source AAA bulk flowers and biomass. 

Our facility has the necessary suppliers, permits, expertise, and relationships with testing labs to swiftly produce and inject cannabis products into the market. 


The Press

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The Retail Partners